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10 Best iPhone and Android Apps to Extend Battery Life

Posted by Cristy on 2017/06/26 to Apps,Batteries

It is no secret that the biggest drawback of both Android and iOS cell phones is their battery life. These devices do so many things in the background that they end up having enough battery life for only about a day, or roughly 10 to 16 hours. In contrast, there are feature phones which can last weeks without any need to recharge.

The problem is not that smartphones are energy hogs. What really matters is that you should be able to use these devices as long as possible without recharging. This can be done by intelligently monitoring the apps running on the device. You can turn off some of the features like synchronization, WiFi, Bluetooth, screen brightness and others. To be fair, most users don’t exit their apps once these have been started and running. It is precisely these programs which continue to run in the background which are the targets of apps which extend battery life. With some common sense programming, and using different techniques and strategies, the following apps do a good job of shutting off background apps to extend battery life.

  1. Greenify

In general, gadgets go into hibernate mode in order to save on battery. For users, the alternative to this is to close apps running in the background. The problem with the manual approach is that it takes longer to restart an app rather than wake it up from sleep. In addition, starting an app uses up more energy than keeping it in the background. Greenify is a popular program which lets users prioritize which app are going to go to sleep.

  1. Battery Doctor

An app, Battery Doctor, is free and works for both Android and iOS. This is a battery and power monitoring app which allows the user to see which running app consumes the most power. Although this feature is already available in a limited sense on late model Android devices, the Battery Doctor can be set with different profiles corresponding to different times of day. This can be set or scheduled automatically, leaving the user with less hassles about battery use. It can also control settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, brightness and contrast, as well as mobile data. It also allows the user to kill apps as needed. However, unless you don’t need the app for a long time, it would be better to keep it in the background.

  1. Go Battery Saver and Power Widget

Using preset settings, you can choose between General, Super and Extreme Power Savings on Go Battery Saver and Power Widget. In addition, you can also create your own preset. Go Battery Saver and Power Widget uses a different approach from other power saving app: at computes scores on your battery based on the features you regular use, and whether you would enable or disable them. It also has an “optimize” button, which can bring you an additional hour or two of battery use.

  1. Green Battery Saver and Manager

On Google Play, Green Battery Saver and Manager points to the old Battery Aid – Saver. This app saves battery by turning off the Bluetooth and WiFi when these are not in use. However, it does turn on these services, and others, every 5 or 15 minutes. With this app, you can also schedule your synchronization. This makes sure that you do not synchronize too often, which is a cause for battery drain. The app also has shortcuts to screen brightness, sleep, as well as car dock settings.

  1. Avast Battery Saver

Avast is a popular anti-virus and anti-malware program. It also created Avast Battery Saver which promises up to 20% longer battery life. This is another app which uses profiles to create settings. You can have up to 5 different profiles like Smart, Home, Work, Night, and Emergency. These can have different settings to help you better manage battery use.

  1. DU Battery Saver and Phone Charger

Boasting more than 400 million users, DU battery Saver uses smart pre-sets for battery power management. It also has one touch controls, and healthy battery charger stage features. Using its standard features, even without the presets can be a very educational experience in learning how to manage your device’s power needs.

  1. Battery Saver 2017

Using different strategies to prolong battery life, the Battery Saver 2017 assures the user of a long battery life. First off, it has a power saver mode switch. If you want to maintain control of your device’s apps and settings, you can still use the different switches and toggles. What is novel about the Battery Saver 2017 is that it gives the users various battery stats as well as expected runtimes. It has a more comprehensive sleep mode, and it allows users the ability to configure the settings and schedule tasks.

  1. GSam Battery Monitor

This Android app lists all the apps running on the smartphone, sorted according to their energy usage. This gives the user a view of what apps to shut down, and what to keep running in the background. Other usage statistics include CPU use, sensor use as well as kernel wakelocks. These statistics can be viewed in terms of time slices. It also gives time estimates for different mixes of running apps.

  1. CM Battery Saver

This is anAndroid app from the company which brought you Clean Master and Battery Doctor. Compared to other battery saver apps, this is a lighter app, with a more straightforward display. It detects background processes which use up a lot of energy, which can be presented to the user for him to manage. In addition, it allows the user to create a whitelist of apps which would be allowed to run in the background, without being stopped by CM Battery Saver.

  1. BetterBatteryStats

Unlike the other apps on this list, BetterBatteryStats does not do anything on the device to save battery life. Instead, true to its name, it lists apps according to battery usage. It does however give a better view of the energy usage, including which apps would drain the battery the most, as well as which ones need user intervention.

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