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Posted by Cristy on 2017/04/29 to Smartphones

Huawei looks to have been caught in some lateness web regarding the roll out of the Android Nougat 7.0  OS as most of its devices have not received their updates.  However, Google does not look to be concerned and bothered as the tech company some weeks ago released the developer

Samsung S8

Posted by Cristy on 2017/04/29 to Smartphones

Samsung fans will pretty much be getting all that there is to get in the new year as the South Korean tech company has been stunning the market with its various releases and leaks, the latest being the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus which has already surpassed the sales

Motorola Moto X 2017

Posted by Cristy on 2017/04/28 to Smartphones

The Motorola-Lenovo partnership since the Lenovo company acquired the tech company has been one that works with the release of several smartphones which have continued to put the brand out there. However, Lenovo seemed to have suffered a bit from its earlier indecision to take up the Motorola name after

Apex Launcher

Posted by Cristy on 2017/04/28 to Apps

Google looks to be regretting it’s earlier decision to take down the good old Apex launcher as the tech company has brought the lion back into the zoo. Apex launcher, you must have heard of it was one of the greatest launchers available on the App store, but it became

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Posted by Cristy on 2017/04/27 to Smartphones

Following the leak of what was described as the prototype of the Galaxy Note 8 device which Samsung has reportedly started working on for release soon, the tech company has been revealed to be planning a major integration which will allow the much expected successor to the failed Galaxy Note

LG V30

Posted by Cristy on 2017/04/27 to Smartphones

LG is still suffering from the major flop it encountered with the LG G5 device as the tech company is doing all within its capacity to bring the ship back on smooth waters. The release of the LG G6 ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, however, has done

HTC May 16

Posted by Cristy on 2017/04/26 to Smartphones

Rumors has it, regarding what the Taiwanese OEM, HTC has in store for its customers following the release of the HTC U-Play and the HTC U Ultra in January at the CES 2017. The tech company which regretted its choice of the processor on the twin device, however, revealed that

Iris Scanner

Posted by Cristy on 2017/04/26 to Smartphones

There has been much buzz about the Samsung’s latest device, the Galaxy S8, and the S8 Plus, especially as the tech company, released a limited edition variant sporting 6GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage memory. The more premium variant of the device was however reported to have sold

Apple iPhone 8

Posted by Cristy on 2017/04/26 to Smartphones

Apple’s 10th year anniversary has brought so many ideas to the minds of tech analysts and enthusiasts who believe the tech company is planning something amazing with the much expected iPhone 8 which is expected to be released to the market in the last quarter of the year, in line

Huawei Honor

Posted by Cristy on 2017/04/26 to Smartphones

Huawei’s plans for the Honor series will come much more as a surprise for fans as the tech company has been working hard to gain much more access to the US market with rumors of its plans to work more with carriers in bringing more of its premium range of

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