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Best Protective Samsung Cases for 2017

Posted by Cristy on 2017/07/5 to Cases and Holsters

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has just been released and the ghosts of the S7 have been purged. The S8 has been one of the most popular releases of Samsung in recent years. With its continued success, Samsung has moved beyond the problems of 2016. For those who own Samsung cell phones, here is a short list of the most popular as well as the most durable protective cases for Samsung phones.

  1. Otterbox Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S8

Built with the highest protection in mind, the Otterbox Commuter Series brings its highest quality to the Samsung phones. A slim design, it is designed to fit in your pocket. At the same time it provides dual-layer protection. This is more expensive than most of the competition, however, considering the price of the cellphone, it still comes out cheaper.

It has a dual-layer protection with a soft inner and a tough outer layer. It also covers the ports for additional protection against dirt, dust and water.

  1. UAG Monarch Cases

The UAG Monarch Case literally provides layers of protection for the Samsung Galaxy S8. Unlike others which have dual- or triple-layer protection. The UAG Monarch Cases has a polycarbonate, metal and TPU cover all wrapped in leather. It is a wonder how all this protection gets to cover the phone and still maintain its weight and dimensions. As a premium model, expect the price to be more than those for the competition.

  1. Spigen Tough Armor Cases

With a dual-layer protection, it is easy to understand that Spigen Tough Armor Case puts protection first. However, even with all the added durability and toughness, it still tries to be as thin as possible. The Tough Armor Case itself has an inner polyurethane body, within a strong and durable polycarbonate frame. This combination is expected to prevent dings and dents from dropping the phone, while at the same time it would keep the display free of any scratches.

As a Samsung case, the Spigen is curved to allow for the large curved display.

  1. Speck Presidio Grip

The Speck Presidio Grip is a crowd favorite and remains a bestseller for Samsung phones. Speck is a leading case maker and in marketing the grip, they have tried to veer away from black. The Presidio Grip comes in different colors, including a new translucent version.

Samsung branded cellphones are very popular and they have their own dedicated following. With the S8, Samsung has recovered ground it lost last year. Users pay top money to get their hands on the latest S8 phone. It just makes sense for them to cover it in a top of the line protective case.

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