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Unlimited Cellular Cellphone Accessories

Posted by Cristy on 2017/08/16 to Accessory Bundles

Unlimited Cellular

Unlimited Cellular Cellphone Accessories

UnlimitedCellular.com is a respected website which sells cellular parts and cell phone accessories online. If you have a cellphone made by Samsung, Apple, Sony, Motorola or any of the other major Android cellphone brands, you can be sure to be able to source your spare parts on UnlimitedCellular.com

In today’s world, the old concepts of cellphones tied to deals with the mobile telephone companies is outdated. You can now buy unlocked cell phones from any dealer and get your line from the service provider. You can also have the option to have a prepaid service or a post paid service. It is the consumer’s choice, whichever is more convenient.


What Does an Unlocked iPhone Mean

Unlocked Phones

A few years ago, unlocked phones had the bad distinction of being mistaken for burner phones. The truth is that burner phones are cheaper and were specifically made to be disposed of. Their cellphone numbers are usually embedded with the phone or they use CDMA.

But what does an unlocked iPhone mean? Unlocked phones are cell phones which are not locked in to any particular service provider. They can be as cheap as burner phones, and they can also be as expensive as regular phones.


Benefits of Unlocked iPhone

The great thing about unlocked phones or their benefits is not that they are unlocked, but that they are side-effects of the economics of how cellular companies now do business. In order to understand this, you have to realize that when you buy a phone with a locked in period, the phone price is included in the play you are paying for. You are paying for the phone over the two year period of the service plan.

The problem with this scheme is that the price of the plan does not change even after the two year lock in period has lapsed. This means that the monthly amortization is still included in the monthly bill. It would be best for you to change plans the moment the two year period has elapsed. You can have a similar plan, but without the locked in phone. Or you can buy a new cellphone and sign up for a regular service plan.


Unlimited Cellular Cell Phone Accessories

cell phone accessories

Besides cellphones, UnlimitedCellular.com also sells various accessories for your phones. There are mobile accessories deals for almost everything. These include selfie sticks, cases, holsters, battery replacements, and others. You can find these cheap cell phone accessories deals in a dedicated page onsite. You would be surprised at the low cost of these cell phone accessory deals.

Accessories, strictly speaking are not included when you buy a cell phone. Although there are some specific models which come with a free plastic or Gorilla Glass screen protector. Others have free cases, or even selfie sticks. These are common items which are included when you buy the cell phones from distributors. When you buy a used or pre-owned cell phone these accessories are usually not included. You can take a look at the cell phone accessories sale on UnlimitedCellular.com to have an idea on what items you might want or need, and at a very low price.


Cases, Holsters and Screen Protectors

Screen Protectors

Some accessories are more important than others. A case, for instance, has become a necessity for owners. You would never know when you need the extra protection afforded by a case. Among other things, it keeps the cell phone safe. If you drop a cellphone while it is in its case, there is a big chance that it would not get dented. A case is not something that is trivial in design. It helps keep the cell phone clean, dry and offer some protection when dropped.

Another accessory worth taking a close look is a holsters. Some people like to have their phone on their belt. The use of a belt holster ensures that the phone is always close at hand. Unlike those who place their cell phones inside their suit pocket or pants pocket, those who use a holster are sure not burdened by the bulky placement of the phone. The pockets can be used for other things, like a wallet, keys or a handkerchief.

After the case and glass protector, one of the more common accessories is the selfie-stick. This is strictly a vanity device, and allows the user to take pictures of himself without being too close. When you take a selfie and the camera is arm’s length, the face is distorted becoming a little wider along the middle or the cheeks. This is called barreling, where the lens distorts the image and lines are curved forming a convex shape. Resulting in a wider image.


Camera Accessories for Mobile Phones

camera accessories for mobile phones

One way to fix barreling is to take pictures from farther away. The barreling is lessened, although it does not truly go away. To get an idea about barreling, take a picture of an object with straight lines running down the sides. Or you can take a picture of a graphing paper. Shoot images from different distances. The resulting images would have curved lines along the sides. This would be more prominent as you get closer to the object in focus.

The use of the selfie stick will not eliminate barreling, but it will lessen the effect. For those who want to show their slim figure, a selfie stick is a must. Otherwise you would look fatter in your pictures taken at a very short distance of about three feet or less.


Cell Phone Batteries


cell phone batteries

Although not bought as often as before, the battery is an important accessory. One reason this is no longer sold as a spare is due to the way most cellphones are engineered. A few years back, batteries had to be removed before you can insert a SIM card or a microSD card.

The battery is easily replaced and if you have a spare, you don’t need to recharge immediately, because you can just swap fresh batteries. With today’s cell phones, batteries are enclosed inside the cell phone and it is no longer possible to remove them without some technical knowledge.

The SIM card and microSD cards now have slots which are located along the sides or the bottom. When you run out of juice, you have to plug in the cell phone. Swapping batteries is no longer an option. However, UnlimitedCellular.com can supply you with replacement battery or any of the above phone accessories for sale.

These are some of the items on sale on UnlimitedCellular.com. The site itself is requesting for content from its readers. If you would like to write about the above items, like batteries, accessories, and others, please feel free to send your articles to the website. The administrators would be happy to receive your submissions.


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    Unlimited Cellular has some of the best deals on cellular and mobile technology and accessories.

  2. Bradley Lawerence says:

    Happy to read your blog. Yes, some accessories are more important than others such as mobile cases and battery. Protective cases works like protective shields that guard your mobile from scratches and accidental falls.

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