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Cellphone Case and Holster Types

Posted by Cristy on 2017/06/1 to Cases and Holsters

Cell phone cases come in a bewildering number of shapes and sizes. There are more types and models of cell phone cases and holsters than there are cell phone models. This fascinating display of variety has a single purpose: to keep your cell phone safe. It is very easy to damage a cell phone and it does require additional protection. No matter if it is certified to have passed the three-foot drop test, you still need a protective case to prevent scratches to the display and body.

The following are the most common types of cell phone cases out on the market.

  1. Fitted Cases

Fitted cases are protective cases which are designed to snugly fit a specific model of cell phone. The cases are measured exactly to fit the cell phone with almost no space between the phone and the case. This also happens to be the most common kind of cell phone case due to the placement of the buttons, camera, USB port, headphone jack, and buttons. Those who buy popular brands and models of cell phones would have lots of fitted cases to choose from. Unfortunately, if you bought a lesser known model you might not be able to find a fitted case specific to that cell phone.

  1. Leather Case

Leather cases project a level of sophistication. These look good, and perform better. At the same time, leather cases are also tough and durable. Although these are not water proof, leather cases are as close to being water proof and immune to the environment as any other type of case. Unlike fitted cases, cell phones do not fit snugly inside leather cases and the cell phone might bounce a bit inside the case. Nevertheless, the phone is secure and safe inside the leather case. In the market, the leather used are usually thicker than most leather clothing item, with the exception of the leather belt. True leather cases may also be more expensive, and they really do look expensive.

  1. Silicone Case

Silicone is a tough plastic material which has rubber properties. The material itself is relatively inexpensive and easy to mold or manufacture into various shapes. However, this is also a tough material with great shock absorbing qualities. It is light and available in different colors. Kids, teens and young adults usually prefer silicone cases due to the different colors to choose from. Silicone cases also happen to be one of the most common type of cell phone cases. It is also fortunate that silicone cases are like tight sleeves where you put your cell phone. You can have a slightly smaller silicone case and your phone would fit in like a glove.

  1. Snap On

If you want thicker materials which provide better protection, you should choose snap on cases. Snap ons come in different materials, including hard plastic, rubber, and metal (usually aluminum). The main advantage of a snap on case is that the cell phone does not slip out easily even if you drop it. A characteristic of snap ons is the embossed design at the back. This is not a random design made for aesthetic purposes, instead the design is there to provide additional support and flexing ability. The material can be stiffer, but the back design allows it to flex while in use. This ability can make the material last longer than you would expect.

  1. TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

Thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU is a hybrid material which is a mixture of silicone and hard plastic. Silicone plastic is soft by nature, and great at absorbing shocks, but TPU is a hard material which looks and feels like rubber. This is an extremely durable material which allows the cell phone to slide in and out the case. One of the biggest manufacturers of TPU is Urban Armor. This is a tough material and if you want the strongest material to protect your cell phone, you should choose a TPU case from a reputable manufacturer.

  1. Universal Case

The universal case is a cell phone or mobile phone case which can be used for a wide variety of different models. Its main selling point is that no matter what size cell phone you have, or what the position of the buttons or camera, the universal case would still allow the full use of the device. The most common example of the universal case is that of tablet cases where the camera would fit a hole in the back, no matter where it is located. The size would not be a problem because it would have elastic straps which hold the mobile phone by the corners.

  1. Waterproof

Not all cell phones are water resistant and environment sealed. Waterproof cell phone cases are the next best thing. While inside the case, the cell phone is secure against the elements, up to a certain point. Although called waterproof, these cases have not been certified for anything more than just a drizzle, or maybe a hard rain. Waterproof cases are not secured against submerging the cell phone in water of any depth. You would still need to be careful with using your phone in inclement weather.

  1. Holster and Belt Clip

There are some types of cases which tag the user as belonging to a certain type. Holster and belt clip users are usually engineers or field personnel who need their phones to be secured on their person ready for use at any time. These persons would rather have their cell phones somehow strapped to their belt, rather than inside their coat or pants pocket. There is a certain assurance when having to clip your cell phone to your belt in one fluid motion. It is almost like drawing a gun from the belt holster.

Something for Everyone

No matter what cell phone you use, there is a cell phone case which would fit your needs. Those who work in the field, usually have more durable cell phones designed to be tough in a rough natural environment. They usually have a cell phone case designed to give maximum protection for their mobile device. There are those who like the holster and belt clip which shows an almost geeky engineering person look and feel. Still others would be happy with fitted cases or snap-ons. To each his own, both in the cell phone model they use as well as the protective case a person chooses.

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