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For Your Health: 5 Diabetes App Aides

Posted by Cristy on 2017/06/29 to Apps

Health and fitness wearables have come a long way. However, there is still a long way to go until these devices can monitor all the vital signs round the clock. The direction seems clear as there are wild predictions about future wearables being able to not only be heart monitors but also monitor blood sugar levels. For those who have diabetes, this would be a welcome advancement. So far, cellphones do not yet have blood sugar monitoring capabilities. However, soon enough, when these are included in a cellphones features, cell phone repair shop personnel would have to know about diabetes support as well as repairing a cell phone. At some point in time, we would see cell phone accessories for various vital sign monitoring


Someday, it is hoped that all smartphones would have their own health monitoring functions. In the meantime, here are five diabetes app aides who can help anyone with diabetes to better manage their blood sugar levels.




Diabetes can be a debilitating disease. It is also something which can affect families. For those who suffer from diabetes, they need all the help they can get. Health2Sync understands this need to belong and makes it easy for a person to share the app. With a shared app, there is added support and greater awareness of what is happening. Family and friends can see the vital health stats at a glance. If needed, they can also drill down further into the data. The metrics show the blood pressure, blood glucose and weight. By reviewing the data, your immediate family and friends would be able to understand if you have mood swings, or if you need to be eating or taking insulin or your medicines.




DiabetesConnect allows the user to record and monitor meals, injections and medications and blood sugar levels, as well as other important data. The app is suitable for both type 1 and types 2 diabetes. The app syncs the information to several other devices in the home or office. It can also be exported for a doctor to read for quick checkups between regular visits. This is welcome for both Android and iOS devices.




Created for people who have been newly diagnosed with diabetes. Managing diabetes can be hard and a big chore, as it takes some getting used to. Newly diagnosed diabetics also have to adjust to the blood sugar monitoring, injections, medication, and diet. To help keep the task simple, Diabetes: M helps users track food intake, monitor diet, enter vital signs to the logbook, and give an analysis of the information instantly. Among other things, it also has a Bolus calendar for monitoring insulin injections. It can also import data from an insulin pump. It also reminds users of scheduled tests and doctor’s appointments. Data is easily exported to a doctor for their reading.


Diabetes in Check: Coach, Blood Glucose & Carb Tracker


Designed by a certified diabetes educator, it created to help manage type 2 diabetes. It goes beyond the normal blood sugar level tracking, along with the vital signs and food intake. It also helps with better fitness and eating habits. One problem for diabetics is overweight and the lack of exercise. Exercise has proven to be a lot of help in maintaining a healthy life with diabetes. The app encourages being active with exercise goals. The app focuses on being proactive with eating and fitness. It has a reference for recipes and can also be used to create a meal plan. Besides, it can also share data with others.


Glucose Buddy


As a Logbook, Glucose Buddy keeps track of the blood sugar levels, carbs intake, medication, activity and exercise levels, blood pressure and A1C diabetes blood test. It makes use of push notifications to remind blood sugar testing. Daily readouts are available via a builtin calendar, and users can easily monitor and track their blood sugar levels. Users can print out the data for doctor visits.


Diabetes is a lifelong disease. If not monitored, and the proper measures were taken, diabetes can lead to a lot of other conditions including blindness, hypertension and heart condition. People can live a long and productive life it they follow the parameters of their diet and exercise. This can only be done with the help of friends and family. With more people involved, a person can have all the support he needs to go through the tedious tasks of monitoring.


The apps above are representative of the state of the art when it comes to integration with devices. Although diabetes apps can now upload data from insulin pumps, users are still waiting for the time when a wearable can be used to continuously monitor a person’s blood sugar levels.

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