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How to Install a Screen Protector without Bubbles and what to do if you have them

Posted by Cristy on 2017/06/9 to Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are slim slivers of plastic which are supposed to protect your screen from scratches, dust, and other materials. The material itself is not scratch proof, and although there are now some protectors which are made of laminated glass, the vast majority are made from tough plastic. Although these are supposed to be tough and durable, the most important characteristic of screen protectors is that the material allows the screen to still be sensitive to swipes and gestures.


It is relatively easy to install a screen protector on your cell phone or mobile device. The most important thing you have to remember when installing it yourself is that you should be patient during the whole process. The following are the steps to properly installing the screen protectors.


  1. Find a clean area with minimal dust and moisture. You can use the top of a table or desk to install your screen protector onto your mobile device screen. Preferably, you should be indoors with adequate lighting. With bright surroundings you would be able to discern whether the screen is dirty or not.


  1. You should have with you the materials you need to install the screen protector. Besides the screen protector itself, you need a alcohol for cleaning, dry lint free paper or micro fiber cloth, and a plastic card of the type used for credit cards, ATM cards, or ID card. You don’t need a glass cleaner fluid for this, as it would form suds and bubbles. Denatured alcohol is best for this, or if you don’t have that, then rubbing alcohol will do. Alcohol dries fast and helps clean the surface. If you have a camera lens cleaning lint-free paper, that would be best. Otherwise, clean dust free microfiber cloth would do as well. You would need the plastic card to clear trapped air bubbles from under the screen protector.


  1. With the alcohol and the dry lint-free cleaning paper, clean the display of any smudge, fingerprint mark, or any dirt. Spray the surface with the alcohol, and wipe dry with the cleaning paper.


  1. Place the screen protector along the top of the cell phone. Align the edges well, making sure that it is the proper size for the screen, and that the holes are aligned with the cell phone speaker.


  1. Peel a small portion of the screen protector’s bottom portion. You might have to check the markings or the sticker on the screen protector that this is the correct side that you would stick to the mobile phone screen. Without peeling the whole clear plastic cover, align the protector again. This takes some patience to get right. Once it is aligned, press the protector against the screen with your finger. When you are content that the protector is aligned with the screen, press hard on the portion of the peeled protector and use the plastic ID card to continue pressing on the rest of protector. You would have to peel from the bottom as you continue pressing from the top.


Doing this properly allows you to evenly press on the protector keeping air bubbles out. Don’t worry if there are some air bubbles. If bubbles appear while you are only beginning to press the sticky side of the protector to the screen, you can still undue this part. Pull up the protector up to the portion where the air bubbles appear, and then continue to press with the plastic ID card. Continue pressing until the whole bottom is unpeeled and the protector is sticking to the display.


  1. If there are air bubbles at this point, you can use the plastic ID card to push the air bubbles to the side releasing them from under the screen protector.


  1. Peel the extra plastic from the front of the protector. Give the screen protector another pass of the plastic ID screen to press the protector harder against the mobile glass display. If there are any smudges or fingerprint marks, clean it with the alcohol and cleaning paper.



The above procedures can be done in around 10 to 15 minutes. Be patient and take your time while doing the above. There is no need to hurry.

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