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Nexus 5X Gets As Much As 2GB RAM Upgrade

Posted by Cristy on 2017/04/19 to Smartphones

This idea of having a smartphone with a large Random Access Memory or better still RAM as we love to call it in the tech world has become one of the driving factors in the choice of a smartphone as a phone which has just one more gigabyte of RAM can do much more than another with one less.

With this in mind, RAM has become a thing of choice when checking which is the next smartphone to purchase as big tech companies like Samsung have tapped into the love of RAM among techies to release variants of phones which are differentiated not only by their onboard storage memory but the RAM.

Keying into this, local Chinese companies have devised a way in which they can increase the RAM on your phone without you having to change the device, that is, for those who will love to continue using their device but with a larger RAM, this is possible and just as a token.

The solution is simple, the tech companies for just $60 are promising to give you an added 2GB of RAM to your XDA member device, Nexus 5X, in particular, bumping it up to 4GB of RAM.

Reports indicate that 1GB of RAM can be added to any range of smartphone for $60 or lower, this comes after a user sent his Nexus 5X to China for boot loop issues which will primarily involve CPU fixing and it came back sporting an increased RAM capacity on the device.

However, the upgrade which does not come from Google itself seems to be a void of the warranty on the device although the 4GB capacity is the maximum the company is reportedly willing to upgrade willing members too.

For users who do not mind losing their warranty on their device, the RAM upgrade allows an update also from the |Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS to the latest Android 7.0 Nougat as carried out by the lucky user of the 4GB RAM Nexus 5X.

The Chinese company is said to be able to up some smartphone RAM although a list of models it can work on successfully was not released for public consumption.

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