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OnePlus 4

Posted by Cristy on 2017/03/18 to Smartphones

The OnePlus movement is gathering dust and looking to be a whole lot sooner than earlier expected as the Android-powered smartphone is getting set to receive yet another successor in the OnePlus series.

The company which came into the market and in the space of three years gained its fair share of the market space is looking to roll out the OnePlus five after releasing the OnePlus three which came into the market as the first flagship device from the new tech company.

The company which kicked off with limited funds reported that it spent less than $30,000 promoting its brand over social media platforms which resulted in an amazing awareness as everybody k new about the latest tech brand in a matter of months.

The OnePlus company has however grown from its startup days as the company now develops its software. Following the success of the OnePlus three device, all eyes are turned on the next flagship device from the tech company, and it looks like the tech company is not shy to meet up with expectations on the OnePlus four device.

The OnePlus 5 which however looks to be the next in line for the tech company has been rumoured for a while and so far, what is known about the next device from the tech company which has developed from start-up to a brand in the space of three years is not much as the company looks to be keeping a tight lid on the device.

However, it is expected that the device which has been said to be the major rival and continuation of the discontinued Google Pixel series will hit the market in 2017.

Current rumors regarding the device online, however, suggests that the device may be released sometime around May and June 2017 while other speculations hold that the device will hit the market sometime in the second half of the year.

The timing if correct allows the device to hit the market in time not to clash with other big companies including Samsung, LG, and HTC which has been rumored to be working on a new flagship device.

However, with the stiff competition in the Android market and as more improvements hop out of the mill, the One Plus 5 is expected to come to market bearing some top of the line tech improvements over the OnePlus 3.

Many have however wondered why the tech company is not releasing the OnePLus 4; the answer is simple as the tech company is going by the Chinese believe which attaches bad luck to the number 4.

Possible specs which will be loaded on the device includes the possibility of an AMOLED screen and a 1080 pixel resolution for the screen.


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