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Tempered Glass Screen Protector – 4 Ways To Spot Fake From Good Quality

Posted by Cristy on 2017/08/15 to Screen Protectors

4 Ways To Spot A Fake Tempered Glass Screen Protector

 Tempered glass screen protector

“Hit it with a hammer and you’ll know it’s tempered!”

 If you are looking for a tempered glass in the malls, most probably, you have heard this line already.

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What is tempered glass screen protector?

What is tempered glass screen protector?

There are three questions that are always asked. First, what is a tempered glass? Second, do I really need it? Third, how will I know if it is fake or it is of high quality?

Commonly, tempered glass screen protectors are mostly simpler to place on gadgets like a phone than plastic screen protectors.

Tempered glass screen protectors make the screen tougher against breakage, scratches, and dents. Also, tempered glass is more heat resistant than the regular ones.

These damages make the phone look unpleasant and distracts the clearness of the screen.

This causes the necessity to alter the screen which is very expensive or you might choose to buy a new device instead.


Best Tempered Glass Screen Protector


KuKu Mobile Tempered Glass

KuKu Mobile Tempered Glass Screen Protector, $4.97

Compatible for iPhone 7, iPhone 6 / 6S

iPad Air Tempered Glass Screen Protector

iPad Air Tempered Glass Screen Protector, $28.39

Xfactor- Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Xfactor- Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Tab-E 8.0", $11.08

Shock Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Shock Shield Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus/7 Plus – Clear, $9.16

Cell Armor Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Cell Armor Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Coolpad – Clear, $2.12


Ways to find good quality tempered glass screen protector

To prevent those happenings, here are four ways you may do to find a good quality tempered glass instead of the fakes ones:

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

  1. Test its anti-scratch feature.

Plastic screen protectors are much more likely to be scraped than tempered glass protectors, which are up to five times as thick than standard plastic protectors. A well tempered glass screen protector may endure sharp objects such as blades, scissors, keys, other hard objects, and beyond the usual scraping.

Good tempered glass sheath is tough to draw on the top noticeable scratches. It scrapes the glass covering which is apparently not good but at least finer than having cuts on the screen.

  1. Feel the smoothness of the screen protector.

The fingers have the ability to sense the strokes on the screen. Good tempered glass protectors are subtle and smooth than most of the original cell phone touchscreen. The smoothness and clearness of the tempered glass make the screen protector seen more like your actual gadget’s screen surface than a plastic screen cover would.

Conversely, low-quality scratch guards come with nearly rough glass sheath.

For fake tempered glass screen protectors, touch sensitivity is lacking.

  1. Look closely at its physical appearance.

A tempered glass screen protector would have comparatively detailed cuttings. You can just merely take hold of the screen protector posted up at the mobile phone, look for the size and flawless coverage, mainly in some of the holes where reflection is present.

In the case of cheap tempered glass, it is noticeable that the size of the phone screen is uneven. There are even spaces, disparities or indeed too big, because of the important mechanical requirements of the hole.

For most cases, fake tempered screen protectors are loose.

It may not stick correctly and the user can hear a quick sound of the glue every once in awhile because of that. Because it doesn’t meet right on the sides it permits for dust, dirt, hair and other small particles to get below the screen protector. Also, it does not give full coverage or great coverage at all.

  1. Put a drop of water.

Real tempered glass screen protectors have anti-fingerprint and anti-oil features. Some people are annoyed by fingerprints on their phone and this usually happens when it is moist. When this happens, it is challenging to tap the touch screen and to type something on the glass screen protector but a tempered glass screen protector would ensure that this does not happen.

You may leave a fingerprint on the screen but it may be removed easily.



Extra Tips for Tempered Glass for Phone

1. An additional way to recognize tempered glass screen protector is to examine the glass screen protector through a pair of polarized sunglasses. In numerous cases, observing the glass in daylight, through polarized lenses, will show dark lines or spots. These are just some of the pointers that the glass is tempered. The lines are made by the machine rollers during the cooling process.

2. Installation of tempered glass screen protector can only take less than 5 minutes of you when you follow rules. You may not need to spend too long marvelling the flawless condition of the phone screen.

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