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The Ultimate Cell Phone Battery Buying Guide

Posted by Cristy on 2017/04/14 to Batteries

cellphone battery buying guide

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For a long while, people felt safe with the use of cell phone batteries. For most people, they never considered that the batteries would lead to exploding or burning phones. However, 2016 showed that there are times when even the best intentions still lead to the worst battery experience. Adding to the concerns about cell phone batteries is that people are not buying new phones if they can avoid it. This means that the same phone will have to be used longer than two or three years. During that time, some things might get damaged through regular wear and tear. The most replaced cell phone parts are the screens and the batteries.

For those who need to replace their batteries, here are some helpful things you need to know about your cell phone’s battery.

How to determine which is the best battery for your Cell Phone

There are several things to consider when buying a cell phone battery. These include the manufacturer, part number, cell phone brand and model, cell phone battery types and whether it comes as a cover door combo. There are advantages and disadvantages for each of these alternatives and choices.

Batteries have evolved a lot during the last ten years. Older cell phones and even laptops had Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) or Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries. Today, there are more choices which include lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries. In terms of certified original parts, there are also third-party battery makers which release their own batteries for specific cell phone models. In addition, there are some manufacturers which do not allow the replacement of the batteries because these are not separate units with a cover door. Some cell phones have to be opened by a certified service personnel, otherwise you might lose your warranty.

There are a lot of choices for different batteries and different cell phones. Although most manufacturers try to have the same battery model for different cell phone models, there is no assurance that the battery you need also works with other cell phone models. You have to know the exact part number, you can check the battery itself, or you can ask the cell phone manufacturer’s support line.

The following is a short run down of the different alternatives you might have to go through.


  • Cell Phone Battery Types. Older cell phones have NiCad or NiMH batteries while the newer cell phones usually have lithium polymer or lithium ion batteries. You would also have to choose whether you would buy from a battery with the same brand as your cell phone, which are considered as “original branded” parts, or if you want to buy from original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Most parts which are branded by the cell phone manufacturer are bought from OEM companies and then rebranded. It is seldom that a cell phone company has their own battery manufacturing plant. There are also some other differentiations between batteries but these depend on the cell phone’s form factor.


  • Cellphone Batteries by Manufacturer Brand. You are assured of compatibility when you buy original parts from the cell phone manufacturer. These are branded with the manufacturer’s name, with the necessary anti-counterfeit markings. The most important anti-counterfeit measure is a holographic sticker on the battery. If the battery’s supposedly holographic sticker is only printed and not truly holographic, you might have a fake battery. Most times you can also get OEM parts from independent sources, stores or suppliers. These are the same batteries as those which have been branded by the manufacturer. However, there are also independent suppliers which have compatible batteries. These are third-party battery manufacturers which create and market compatible products. [Link to “Cellphone Batteries by Manufacturer Brand”]


  • Battery & Cover Door Combos. With today’s thin smart phones, there are less models which have separate battery cover doors. In most instances, the batteries come in cover door combos. This means that the battery is integrated with the cover. This allows the cell phone manufacturer to save on manufacturing costs because there is one less part to manufacture. Cover doors were prominent up to a few years back. For cell phones, you had to remove the cover door and the battery, in order to insert the microSD and the SIM card into their respective slots. These days, the microSD and the SIM cards could be inserted via a caddy which is inserted at the cell phone’s side. [Link to “Battery & Cover Door Combos”]


  • Tips to help you keep your cellphone battery in good shape. As a cell phone part, the battery has a life of its own. If you take good care of the cell phone and the battery, you should be able to use the unit for longer than three years. Taking good care of the battery should also be a part of the way you treat your cell phone. If you take good care of your cell phone, there are only a few things you should also do in order to keep your battery in good working order. Among other things, you should charge your battery before it runs out of power. For another, you can help prolong your batteries usable life, as well as lengthen the time between recharging when you adjust some phone features to use less power. [Link to “Tips to help you keep your cellphone battery in good shape”]


Buying advice

When cell phones started to gain momentum in sales and usage, most new owners bought extra batteries from where they bought their cell phones. This was due to the relatively short time that you can use your device without need to recharge. In addition, batteries were not as robust or dependable as they are today. Although today’s devices eat up more power than ever before, the batteries also store more energy.

When buying a new battery check out OEM batteries on sale at unlimitedcellular.com (). These batteries original batteries from the cell phone manufacturers and are designed and certified for use with specific cell phone models.

UnlimitedCellular.com has batteries for major cell phone brands including Alltel , Blackberry, Casio, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sharp, Sony and others. Check out the website, and even if we don’t have the original brand, we have certified generic and third-party suppliers which are compatible with your mobile device.

When buying spare or replacement batteries, you should also take note of the reputation of the online store. UnlimitedCellular.com has a high reputation for original parts. We guarantee the items that we sell. If you are not sure about the parts number of your battery, send us an email or give us a call and we will sort it out for you.

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