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USB Type C – 3 Essential Facts You Need to Know

Posted by Cristy on 2017/08/15 to Data and Sync Cables

3 Essential Facts You Need To Know About USB Type C (and some tips to avoid the fake ones!)

In this modern age, technology has been rising and improving. Aside from the gadgets that we usually hold onto, its cell phone accessories, specifically the cable, is advancing as well.

Last 2014, USB-C’s features were published; however, it was only last 2016 that the eyes of the techie people were lean onto that. The process was quick that it’s been developing to replace the old USB standards.  If you aren’t that familiar with USB Type-C, here are five facts that you have to know about this rising technology:

In the USB world, things are a bit more complicated because there have been more versions and types than Thunderbolt. The versions refer to the speed and functionality of the USB cable, while the USB type relates to the physical shape and the wiring of the ports and plugs.


What are the USB Cable Types and Why USB Type C Works Best

  1. USB Type C is similar to a micro-USB, but it is better than USB Type-A and Type-B.

It is a better combination of USB-A and USB-B types. USB Type-A and USB Type-B are compatible with some gadgets nowadays; however, they both have the same framework where you must place it into the device depending on its design. On the other hand, figuring out how to put the USB right is not necessary anymore with USB Type-C because it is reversible.

Besides, the cables of type-C also have an identical connector on both ends, so you don’t have to think about which end must be used. To better imagine how it works, think of Apple’s Lightning Connection. Whether you position it upwards or downwards, it will still work.

  1. USB-C has the capability to transfer 10Gbps data.

The new USB-C connector is USB 3.1, which, at 10Gbps, is in theory twice as fast as USB 3.0. This capability means fewer minutes or hours waiting around for your gadgets to transfer data or other files to another device.

  1. USB-C has the capability to deliver 100 watts power.

Presently, a USB 2.0 connection provides power up to 2.5 watts. It is sufficient to charge your gadgets such as phone and tablet, but that’s not about it only. The specification sustained by USB-C ups this power delivery to 100 watts.

Also, USB-C is bi-directional —  a gadget can either send or receive power. And this power can be transmitted at the same time into the device which transfers data across the connection. This kind of USB-C’s feature could even let you charge a laptop.

Truly, USB Type-C is a worthy upgrade. From its portability, the capability to charge and to transfer data fast, it is truly a cable to connect all the gadgets. It may seem an Apple technology, but tech companies also adopt it. Sooner or later, USB-C will appear in more and more devices of all types.

Just a reminder: USB Type-C isn’t the same thing with  USB 3.1. USB Type-C is just a connector in shape, and the fundamental technology could just be USB 2 or USB 3.0. When buying gadgets, you will have to watch out for the details and make sure you’re buying devices (and cables) that support USB 3.1.


How to Avoid Buying the Fake USB Type-C

As what the stated facts above tell, here are three things that you have to consider when buying a USB Type-C connector:

  1. The compatibility of the connector enables complete charging and sync compatibility with Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, Nintendo Switch, New Macbook, Macbook Pro, Google Pixel, Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, LG G5 G6 V20, OnePlus 2, Lumia 950, Mote Z, HTC 10, New Nokia N1 tablet and other USB-C devices. If you have different devices, try using the cable onto them.
  2. USB Type-C has superior durability because most of the time, the material being used is a premium aluminum housing and sturdy nylon fiber jacket. It enhances the toughness of the cable, and reversible USB C reaches convenience of no checking before use, both sides are workable.
  3. The fake connectors are quickly affected by loose plugging into the gadget. The least movement will cause them to lose connection.


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