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What to look for in a Phone Case or Holster

Posted by Cristy on 2017/07/17 to Cases and Holsters

There are a lot of cases and holsters available for all kinds of cell phones. Although these are all of different makes, from different vendors, they all have something unique to offer. Features to look for include the ability to protect against dents, scratches as well as broken screens and waterproof protection. The list below are things which would interest you when buying a phone case or holster.

Amount of Protection

A case is supposed to protect the cell phone. It can have a separate screen protector, or it can also have additional armor along the corners and sides. The corner is where most dings and dents occur, and this is also the most commonly damaged part when a phone is dropped. Phone cases can protect against these accidental and minimal damage, however, major damage usually occur when the phone is dropped from a height.

In the same manner, some phones are water resistant up to 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes. This does not mean that you can use it under the pouring rain, or that you can use it while swimming. The water-resistant property works only if the user keeps the phone away from the swimming pool or the beach. There are only so few cases which can protect against deep water for an extended amount of time.

Thickness and Weight

The common trend among cell phones is a thin profile. Using a thick case is counter-intuitive. This would explain minimalist cases like the Griffin Reveal. It is a very thin polycarbonate protector which lines the edges of the iPhone. The main problem with this case is that it only encases the edges. The second problem is that it does not offer much protection, and the cellphone is bound to be damaged when it is dropped.

Ease of Access

Holsters are made to allow the user ease of access to the phone. It should be easy to get a hold of the phone when it rings or when you need to send a message in an instant. Holsters are different from other cases in that the manufacturers also test for snags. They want to make sure that the holster and the phone will not fall off when it hits the door, or the edge of the table. The Encased belt clip case is a prime example of a holster which does not easily fall off.

Slots and Ports

One reason that cases are fitted out for a particular model is that the buttons, ports and camera lenses require holes on the case. Otherwise the ports and buttons would not be useful. Case manufacturers are hard put to create for every available make and model. Instead of doing so, they end up creating cases only for the most popular cellphones like the iPhone.

Other Considerations

Not everyone can be satisfied by case manufacturers. Each cellphone owner has his own personal wish list of features for their cases. There are different designs, including sushi and golden bloom, and it is hoped that these designs are enough. Other features include leather holsters, or a builtin screen protector. Cell phone owners may agree with the essential features, however, more than that and they would end up arguing over the details.

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